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B-52 Cocktail Recipe

Also called Bifi or simply B52, this cocktail is as incendiary as its name is supposed to be. With a name which refers to a long range bomber, this cocktail will clearly blow the atmosphere. B52 is a multi-layer cocktail, intense, strong but an absolute experience when it comes to cocktail tasting.

As said before, B52’s name comes from a bomber which has been used during the Vietnam War, and it released incendiary bombs, hence the flaming variant of this cocktail. Like many other drinks and cocktails, this too has a quite uncertain origin, but one thing is definitely sure: its popularity inspired other variations and series of layered cocktail. Because of the layers, one can change the intensity of this beverage, using different densities when combining the ingredients. Even though special machines are required and are nowadays created for a perfect layering, most bartenders should know exactly how to prepare the perfect B52. There are two kinds of layering techniques, the “building”, in which B52 is included, and the “blending”. The first refers to horizontal layering, while the second refers to the shaking of ingredients.

Served in shooter glasses, B52’s classical recipe includes coffee liqueur, Baileys Irish Cream and Grand Marnier. The Baileys Irish Cream is an Irish whiskey and cream-based liqueur, created by Gilbeys of Ireland, is the first Irish Cream on the market. It can be consumed by itself or it can constitute an ingredient in many cocktails, like B52, Irish car Bomb, Cabin Fever, French Dream, Healthy Spice or Kerry Cappuccino.

Grand Marnier is another liqueur, this time made from a blend of cognacs and essence of bitter oranges. It can be consumed as it is, served as a digestif or used in a large variety of mixed drinks and cocktails, including Cosmopolitan, Grand Mimosa, Grand Marnier Fireball, Margarita or Dirty Harry. In the B52 cocktail, if it’s the top layer and needs to be ignited for the Flaming B52, Grand Marnier needs to be warmed up first, as it will not ignite at the room temperature.

B52 Cocktail proved to be so inspiring for some people that other variations also entered into the public preference due to the various and delicious ingredients and resemblance to this very cocktail. The B52 with Bombay Doors follows the traditional recipe, but adds some Bombay gin, while another cocktail, called B52 in the Desert, replaces the Baileys Irish Cream with tequila.

The necessary ingredients for a B52 cocktail and the necessary quantities are the following:

  • 2cl (1 part) Kahlúa, a coffee liqueur
  • 2cl (1 part) Baileys Irish Cream
  • 2cl (1 part) Grand Marnier

  • Layer the ingredients in a shot glass, which is the recommended drinking glass for this specific cocktail, and then serve with a stirrer.

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