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Cocktail Glasses

The cocktail philosophy has its own tools, instruments and laws when it comes to creating the perfect mixed drink. The ingredients, the blending techniques, the glasses and the garnishments, these are all extremely important in order to impress each time you serve a cocktail.

Ingredients vary from one cocktail recipe to another, but behind a simple cocktail glass there’s always a story which needs to be known.
A perfect cocktail always comes in a perfect glass, like the Martini comes in a Martini glass. The general rules of cocktails states that the stronger the drink is, the smaller the glass will be. This rule doesn’t always need to apply, when creating a cocktail; the liberty is a huge factor.

The cocktail glass terminology includes the following types of glasses:

  • The cocktail glass – with a 250ml volume, this glass is the most often used one when serving Margarita, Daiquiri , but also many other cocktails

  • The Martini glass – also called the martini saucer, with 250ml volume, this is the most popular cocktail glass ever, easy to recognize due to its elegant and wide shape; its specific shape makes it sometimes difficult to drink from it, as it’s very easy to spill the drink; it is most often used to serve Martini, Margarita, but also a wide variety of other cocktails

  • The wine glass – its name says it all: recommended for wines, this glass (with a typical volume of 250 to 300ml) is sometimes used for serving cocktails too

  • The Port and Sherry glass – mostly used when tasting fortified wines, these glasses are a smaller version of the classic wine glass and have a capacity of 200ml

  • The highball glassBloody Mary’s favorite glass, this glass tumbler has a capacity of 350 to 400ml and it’s one of bartenders’ most favorite cocktail glasses

  • The lowball glass – the short and smaller version of the highball glass, with a capacity of only 250 to 300 ml, this glass is mostly recommended when serving drinks with a high proportion of alcohol (the rule says small glasses for strong drinks); the most popular cocktails served in this glass are whiskey-based

  • The Hurricane glass – the typical volume for this cocktail glass is 300ml, and it’s mostly used as an alternative to the highball glass, or to serve tropical cocktails in it

  • The shot glass – popular when serving shooters, the glass has the perfect volume (25 to 50ml) to swallow in a single gulp the drink inside it

  • The Brandy sniffer - this 350ml glass is dedicated to all cognacs and quality brandy out there, as its specific large surface are creates the maximum effect for the drink to release its aroma

  • The Champagne flute – dedicated only to champagne, this elegant slim glass (200ml) prevents the drink from going flat and it must not have any other purposes than a champagne glass; it is not made for any cocktail drinks

  • The Champagne saucer – the glass is mostly used as the other smaller version of big cocktails, but it’s not so often used. Clearly, due to its specific shape, this isn’t a champagne glass, but only an ornamental variant of serving champagne mostly at wedding or other receptions.

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