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Cocktail Mixing and Cocktail Recipe

Skilled bartenders illustrate how spectacular the world of drinks really is. Cocktail mixing tips will offer you a detailed insight in the realm of delicious ingredients and decoration of these respected and ultra-popular drinks that besides being appetizing offer an enchanting visual pleasure to the public. As in all arts and sciences the secret to perfect and explore our talent in this domain is done through practice. However mixing the elements randomly might result in a gustatory disaster, therefore it is highly recommended to steal the tricks and creative ideas from professionals. Theses pro mixers have the load of knowledge that is vital to get a taste of this fabulous profession.

Before you plan to surprise and amaze your friends and entourage it is advisable to start with the basic steps. Cocktail mixing is not simply about stirring and shaking instead, surprisingly theory and intuition is just as important in this industry. Knowing all the details and qualities of different fruits and vegetables as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, is a 'must' in order to succeed. Furthermore decoration also contributes to the final effect and influences the serving. The flavor magic is achieved through the selection of fresh and delicious ingredients.


Cocktail Mixing TipsThe proper tools as well as spirits and cocktail recipes all guarantee the standing ovation paid to your oh-so-fab cocktail. The signature techniques are organized into an eye-catching show. However in the background the process is carefully controlled by the mixer who pays extra-attention to measuring as well as projecting the decoration and proper serving.

Harmonizing these phases is indeed the mastery of cocktail mixing. Proceed step by step to make sure that you acquire the most important information and ideas on how to develop your own techniques and tricks.

Cocktail Mixing Basic

Though the techniques might vary from one mixer to another, however there are some common and trademark tricks that constitute the basis of mixology. In order to be able to learn them it is paramount to practice them, precisely following the instructions. Here's a brief overview of these famous and remarkable mixing procedures.

Strirring: This is one of the basic mixing techniques which presupposes the use of a metal or glass mixing stick also called swizzle, which will enhance the mingling of textures and spirits. The best way to secure the proper effect is to practice this procedure in a mixing glass then pour it into the chilled glasses. The best cocktails are created with a smooth and fine stirring.

Shaking: Shaking is the signature technique used in mixing. The use of a high quality shaker will chill the drink and enhance the proper mixing of ingredients. Being a more efficient trick than stirring it is used especially in the case of frozen drinks as well as the ones that contain alcohol. Learn the proper phases of this process in order to perfect your skills.

Layering: As one of the most often used and 'wowing' techniques, layering creates the colorful and architectural effect of cocktails. Finding out more about the density of spirits as well as juices and the color combination will help you in building your own masterpieces. Pure mathematics and measuring play a vital role in this process.

Blending: Various ingredients won't mix so simple that's when blenders come to the stage and do the hard work for the skilled mixers. In the case of alcohol and juice combination, even the pros might face some difficulties when mixing. Especially in the case of frozen and seasonal cocktails the key to mingle the ingredients into a delicious ensemble is done through blending. Pay extra-care to the time and process in order to maintain the appropriate visual effect as well as the signature taste of the drinks.

  Professional bartenders charm the public with their soft and smooth techniques of mixing cocktails. Those who are fascinated by mixology will find it thrilling that these techniques and tricks can be learned through long practice sessions. Ambition and the knowledge of cocktail terms and recipes will be crucial in building a mixer career. Experiment with the delicious combination of ingredients as well as creative procedures to fulfill your own cocktail fantasies.

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