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Cocktail Recipes and Vodka Cocktails

Engaging into perfecting our skills in preparing delicious and versatile drinks is a fascinating process. Cocktail recipes will be our best allies when it comes of learning more about perfect flavor combination as well as textures that contribute to the creation of real masterpieces. Following the detailed and simple instructions is compulsory, especially at the baby steps taken in the first phase. However as time passes and we gain enough confidence to rely on our refined taste and intuition these will serve as points of departure not as 'craved into rock' rules.

From the non-alcoholic cocktails to the simple fruit and on the contrary whiskey, vodka or rum-based drinks all will need a brief introduction, in order to be able to place them in the proper era and atmosphere. Familiarizing with these basic facts as well as cocktail terms will help us in understanding and elaborating the fabulous cocktail recipes.

First and foremost it is important to get acquainted with the signature traits of the basic types of drinks. The chief ingredients and flavor scheme will decide which is the best and complementary taste that can be added to form a harmonious chromatic and gustatory fantasy.


Cocktail Recipes The multitude of compositions and techniques of preparation differ according to the texture of ingredients as well as the intensive tastes and even color. Cocktails are characterized by a specific shape, flavor as well as shade. The use of proper tools and fresh fruits and both neat and high quality drinks will determine the successful outcome of the cocktail.

Cocktail Types

In order to distinguish the infinite range of cocktails it is important to take a closer look at the composition. Professional mixers separate the delicious and enchanting drinks into several categories that often bare the name of the basic ingredients or one of the signature qualities that characterize the cocktail.

Various events and seasons promote the consumption of a specialized drink that serves as the perfect refreshing beverage as well as a vitamin bomb to gain more energy. Consequently these are some of the main groups that define the most well-known and popular cocktails in the industry.

Seasonal and Holiday Drinks: Different seasons are associated with the top notch ingredients of notorious cocktails. Either serving as coolers or on the contrary as warmers, we include in this category the well-known Polar Cocktail, the Snow Ball as well as the summery Bed of Roses and Sunshine in Malibu. These recipes contain mint, citric fruits as well as egg white and ginger which all create a special atmosphere and add a unique flair to our drink.

Frozen Cocktails: The hot season screams for some ice and delicious ingredients. Frozen cocktails aim to offer us a breezy experience with their colorful and refreshing quality. The ice is a 'must have' element of these drinks as well as the fresh fruits. The Daiquiri, Pina Colada as well as the Tequila Sunrise all belong to this appetizing category.

Dessert Cocktails: Those who are fond of sweet treats can also enjoy the finesse of cocktails due to the multitude of dessert cocktails that are available on the market. Their creamy texture as well as indulging flavor combination will resemble some of the most popular sweets. Pamper yourself with an ambrosial: Angel's Delight, Berry White or Silk Stocking.

Nowadays you'll have the chance to become a real professional when it comes of mixing fabulous and worth-admiring drinks. Indeed cocktails crown the special events with their charming and colorful look. Add a groovy tint to your boring days by learning more about the cocktail mixing tips and recipes.

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