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Margarita Cocktail Recipe

One of the most famous cocktail around the world, and the most tequila-based one, the margarita comes in a variety of flavors and colors, and it’s usually made of tequila mixed with triple sec and lime. Often served with salt, margarita can be served in a variety of ways: on the rocks (shaken with ice), straight up (without ice) or frozen margarita (blended with ice).

Believed to be named after the actress Rita Hayworth (whose real name was Margarita Cansino), the margarita cocktail has a disputed history still unclear. The key ingredient for a successful margarita is the fresh lime juice, but other fruits can be used too, with or without the lime juice. Many margarita recipes include strawberries, raspberries, peaches, melon, banana and even apple.

Even though margarita is prepared using triple sec, many other flavored liqueurs have been added to certain margarita recipes, in order to develop further on this magnificent and historical cocktail recipe. The most common and often used liqueurs are the orange-flavored ones, but in addition to these, others are also accepted, like the black raspberry-flavored ones.

And because looks are always important when it comes to cocktails, special margarita glasses are recommended.

These glasses are actually inspired by the classic Champagne coup, and they are also used when serving other cocktails, including shrimp or guacamole cocktails. Though margaritas are made using tequila, not any tequila is recommended for this specific drink.

Made from blue agave, tequila must be of a good quality, so the cocktail doesn’t have that bitter influence of cheap tequila. For those who don’t do alcoholic cocktails, a non-alcoholic version of margarita is available, and it’s called a virgin margarita. This is an icy blend also served with lime juice, the classic ring of salt, but it doesn’t contain any trace of tequila.

With a high popularity among cocktails, margarita needs the following ingredients to create a well-balanced cocktail drink:

  • 3.5cl tequila
  • 2.0 triple sec
  • 1.5cl lime juice

  • The triple sec can be replaced with Cointreau, a specific brand of triple sec liqueur, made form bitter oranges, while the lemon juice can also be used instead of the lime juice.

    The preparation steps are more than easy:
  • shake the tequila and the triple sec with ice
  • the margarita glass’s rim should be rubbed with lime slices, in order to make the salt stick to it
  • the mixture should be poured into the glass carefully, so that the salt won’t dislodge
  • garnish with lime slices and serve over ice

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