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Sea Breeze Cocktail

What other exotic beverage might go better in hot summer day than the extremely refreshing sea breeze cocktail? This vodka-based cocktail is one of the upcoming season’s most favorite drinks, perfect to enjoy its delicious taste on a roof terrace watching the blue sea with its breezy air. Find out more about the sea breeze cocktail!

Invented soon after the Prohibition Era in the United States, when the manufacturing and consumption of alcohol was strictly banned, the sea breeze was invented in the late 1920. The Prohibition, also known as The Noble Experiment, had some tragic influences on the society back then, as many people begun creating their own alcoholic beverages at home.

When the Prohibition ended, an explosion as well as a complete restructuring of a modern society occurred, and many interpreted this political and historical change as the re-birth of the American culture. It was under these circumstances that the sea breeze cocktail was invented, originally using as main ingredients gin and grenadine.

The modern and contemporary sea breeze cocktail is a vodka based variation of the initial recipe, also using grapefruit and cranberry juice. It has become so popular over time, that it was often used in the popular culture, featuring many movies (Scent of a Woman, French Kiss or The Walker), but also various stand-ups.

This specific cocktail has a fruity flavor, which makes it similar with other mixed drinks, including Cranberry Kick, Sex on the Beach, Light Seabreeze, Summer Breeze, Cosmopolitan or Sand Dance.

The secret of this tasty cocktail is the perfect balance between a strong alcohol, vodka, and weak fruits, as cranberries and grapefruits are. It was one of these elements which inspired other cocktails too, each lacking one of these ingredients. For example, the Salty Dog is made of vodka (or gin) and grapefruit juice, or the Cape Codder, made of only vodka and cranberry juice.
So what are the necessary ingredients in order to prepare this magnificent cocktail?

  • 4cl (one part) Vodka
  • 12cl (3 parts) Cranberry juice
  • 3cl (one part) Grapefruit juice

  • Usually served on the rocks, and garnished with lime slices, the cocktail is to be served in a highball cocktail glass, specific to all exotic long cocktails. The ingredients just need to be built in the highball glass filled with ice. With the garnishment, the great taste of a perfect cocktail and the mesmerizing landscape, the sea breeze cocktail is the perfect drink to savor on an exotic beach.

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