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Sex on the Beach Cocktail Recipe

A name that shocks, Sex on the Beach cocktail recipe is perfect for women without any inhibitions who are willing to give their taste buds the adventure of their lives. Here is how you can make your own Sex on the Beach cocktail so you can enjoy a great tasty drink in the comfort of your own home.

A name that is very controversial, “Sex on the Beach” isn't what you're thinking about; it the name of a well known cocktail served in bars all over the world. It seems that this cocktail is an International Bartenders Association Official Cocktail, with an amazingly delicious taste and a look that takes you to the warm breezy beach summer days.

Sex on the Beach cocktail recipe is not a well kept hidden one, people can try to make it on their own in the comfort of their own home so they can enjoy their favorite drink whenever they desire. Having the right ingredients and knowing the exact steps of the preparation process is a must when it comes to recreating this cocktail.

This type of cocktail is considered to be a woman's drink, due to the soft ingredients used. The primary alcoholic ingredient used in Sex on the Beach cocktail recipe is vodka, combined with other non alcoholic drinks. The standard serving of this cocktail is done in a hurricane glass filled with ice.

Sex on the Beach cocktail ingredients:

  • 2 parts of your favorite brand of Vodka

  • 1 part of Peach Schnapps

  • 2 parts orange juice

  • 2 parts cranberry juice

  • These ingredients are mixed and poured into the hurricane glass. This cocktail recipe is served on the rocks as it is a perfect drink for those hot summer days. As a garnish for the glass a slice of orange or lemon can be used. This will aid with the exotic feel of the drink and help enhance its attractiveness.
    A perfect cocktail for the ladies at any time, Sex on the Beach will help you stimulate your senses and make your taste buds go wild.

    Because not everyone enjoys drinking an alcoholic drink, a non alcoholic version has been created and that uses a blend of juices and sirup's to create this delicious taste. The non alcoholic version of this cocktail is usually called “Safe Sex on the Beach” and it is quite popular.
    Don't hesitate to give this recipe a try too see if it the perfect cocktail for you.

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