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Tips for the Perfect Cocktail

Finding out some tips for the perfect cocktail is crucial to perfect our skills. We all need some mixing guidelines when we’re about to prepare the textbook style cocktail. Building the right ingredients in the right shape, quantities and textures can prove to be quite a challenge. That’s why some tricks and useful guidelines will always guarantee our success in becoming a real talented bartender.

Using a detailed guide to cocktail mixing will furnish us with endless tips in the domain of in crating cocktails. One’s imagination, taste and favorite ingredients sometimes value more than just a simple recipe which absolutely needs to be followed step by step. After all, many famous cocktail recipes were created exactly from this deliberate choice of replacing one ingredient with another or changing the classical quantities used in a mixed drink.

Mixing Techniques

  • Blending –To blend a cocktail’s ingredients one needs an electrical blender, hence the name of this important procedure. Placed in the blender, the ingredients will reach the right texture in a very rapid way. If the cocktail recipe includes ice, make sure to use crushed ice in the blender.

  • Shaking - The most popular accessory in a bartender’s areal of work, the shaker, inspired the shaking technique, the most famous one when creating a cocktail. Once the ingredients are in the shaker, close its lid and strongly shake for 20 to 30 seconds, to make sure all the ingredients are properly blended.

  • Layering – When a cocktail’s recipe states that the ingredients should be layered, one must use a bar spoon in order to correctly pour the ingredients on top of one another. Even though this is a rather challenging technique, once you’ve got it, the rest is easy. Use it mostly in shooter cocktails.

  • Building – when it comes to non-alcoholic cocktails, this technique is probably the most recommended one among professionals. Its principle is similar to layering, as it involves pouring the ingredients on top of one another, by making sure that the sequence is strictly followed.

  • Garnishing

    Sometimes, the perfect cocktail needs the right garnishment, as it has two paramount roles: it spectacularly decorates the cocktail, and also most essentially, it gives a hint about the cocktail’s aroma and main ingredients. The most popular garnishments used in cocktails are stuffed olives put on a cocktail stick (just like in Martini cocktail), the wedges of fruits, usually lodged on the glass’s brim, or the twist.

    The twist refers to a piece of fruit zest, commonly twisted and dropped directly in the cocktail; in other cases, it’s draped just like the wedges on the brim. Other garnishments include cherries on cocktail sticks, or whole slices of fruits, or sails, which have a cherry inside the folded fruit.

    Cocktail Glasses

    Each type of cocktail can be paired with a special cocktail glass shape. Many cocktails include a chill glass, which is easy to do if you keep the glass in the freezer or you put some ice in it before using it to serve a cocktail.

    Also, not touching the actual glass when serving a cocktail is extremely important, so make sure you only handle it by its stem or handle, in this way, your fingerprints won’t leave marks on the glass and you'll be also able to prevent the glass from over-heating. If some cocktails need a frozen glass, others need a preheated one in order to follow the cocktail’s recipe. To heat a glass, just put a bar spoon in it pour some hot water. The bar spoon helps preventing the glass to burst from too much hot water. After a couple of minutes, pour out the water.

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